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Andrea Gabriel is an artist and writer from Bellingham, Washington. She illustrates and writes picture books for young children, as well as painting original watercolor art and prints for sale.

What’s New


  • framed canvas print of otter painting by Andrea Gabriel
    Auction for Puerto Rico
    The images coming out of Puerto Rico are horrific. I imagine the helplessness of being stranded with no water, food, power, or way of communicating need to those who might help. In a small effort to help, I've decided to auction off an archival print of an otter painting. If you can help out and are at all interested, please place a bid! Go to the Auction

For Sale

  • large image of bees in flowers
    Busy Bees
    Canvas or paper archival print of bees illustration from the book Why Do I Sing? 8.5" x 15"

New Release 2017

book cover image for Daytime Nighttime, featuring a cougar and squirrels

Daytime-Nighttime All Through the Year

Publisher: Dawn Publications
Author: Diane Lang
Illustrator: Andrea Gabriel


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