Interview with Carol McMillan

Join me in a conversation with Dr. Carol McMillan as she discusses her memoir, Scriptless.

Character Sketches for the Cuttlefish

I keep character sketches on hand to remind me of their personalities. Curious if you all do the same when writing? Mood board? Pinterest? Would love to see! Share in the comments.

Joining TikTok

Probably I'm just oppositional. But the idea of Congress blocking freedom of speech was enough to make me dive in to TikTok. I've got a lot of learning to do! But if you're feeling patient and are already on the platform, please come find me there. As you can see from...

Godkiller by Hannah Kaner

I devoured Godkiller by Hannah Kaner, and after finishing it I waited only one day before running out to buy the sequel, Sunbringer. I'm not going to give a rundown of the plot, because that can be found on the book jacket, or if you'd like a bit more, here is a great...

Stardust on the Barroom Floor

Pat Matthews was raised from infancy in bar rooms, lulled to sleep by the clink of ice and the scents of whiskey and sweat. As a young woman, she woke up one morning to discover that—whether she wanted it or not—she was clarivoyant, able to see what most people cannot...

Ten Books on Writing Every Author Should Read

Every writer has their favorite books on writing. Here are a few of my own.

Interview with Carolyn Saletto

Join me in conversation with Carolyn Saletto, a writer working on a memoir of growing up in a family of resilient siblings with a bipolar mother.

Interview with Kelli Mechelke

Interview with Kelli Mechelke

Join me in conversation with Kelli Mechelke, a memoirist writing about growing up with a gay father in a fundamentalist community. Kelli is passionate about helping the Church learn how to love the LGBTQ+ community better and narrowing the divide between the two communities.

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Bury the Trash

At some point during Covid, I took part in the New York City Midnight Flash Fiction competition. Was given 48 hours to write a story less than 1000 words, involving historical fiction, a recruitment center, and a shovel. Bury the Trash is the result.

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