Ten Books on Writing Every Author Should Read

Every writer has their favorite books on writing. Here are a few of my own.

Interview with Carolyn Saletto

Join me in conversation with Carolyn Saletto, a writer working on a memoir of growing up in a family of resilient siblings with a bipolar mother.

Where Do I Sleep? Re-Release in Two New Editions!

I am excited to share that Where Do I Sleep is making a comeback, thanks to Sasquatch Books (Penguin Random House.) On March 5th, this sweet bedtime book will be available in a fresh hardback edition, as well as a shortened board book version for the very young. When...

Interview with Kelli Mechelke

Join me in conversation with Kelli Mechelke, a memoirist writing about growing up with a gay father in a fundamentalist community. Kelli is passionate about helping the Church learn how to love the LGBTQ+ community better and narrowing the divide between the two communities.

Bury the Trash

At some point during Covid, I took part in the New York City Midnight Flash Fiction competition. Was given 48 hours to write a story less than 1000 words, involving historical fiction, a recruitment center, and a shovel. Bury the Trash is the result.

Not Your Chosen One

In my new novel The Cuttlefish, Emelee is not a chosen one. Even the name echoes this fact—cuttlefish are not the most attractive fish in the sea.

Book Trailer!

Fall of 2021 didn’t go as expected. Among other disasters, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, and that was the end of any promotion of my newly published Shepherd’s Derelict.

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