book cover for hes your daddyHe’s Your Daddy, by Charline Profiri (illustrated by yours truly) recently won a Gold medal at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards at the beginning of the month. To celebrate, I thought it would be nice to add some fun activities for kids, educators, and parents, that might be a good accompaniment to the book.

My search lead me right away to, a site with wonderful craft ideas for kids. They were kind enough to let me share links to some of their ideas, so look for more in the days ahead. To start out, here is a fun giraffe crown, just like the little giraffe in the book.

All you’ll need for this craft is some yellow and orange paper, a pair of scissors, a stapler, a glue stick, and your imagination. Enjoy!

boy wearing giraffe crown
giraffe baby

If you make this with your kids or class, be sure to share with me. I love to see your work!

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