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Been There, Done That

Spotting wildlife is a thrill, but it’s not easy. When Cole comes to visit his friend Helena, he can t wait to see all the wildlife the forest has to offer and is disappointed when all he sees are a few birds. Together the kids set out on a hike and encounter plenty of animal signs along the way. Through observation and her knowledge of animal behavior, Helena helps Cole learn what each of the signs means: something had been there; something had done that.


5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful book!

“What a fun book! Jen’s story and Andrea’s wonderful artwork are a pleasure just to look at. But the story reminds us that you need to really LOOK when you’re outside, there’s so much there that we all miss. And just in case we don’t know what to look for, the last pages show what to look for, with a game, a craft and what signs to look for, even human signs! It serves to remind us that we share this planet with many creatures!”

The animals are out there—know what to look for!

The animals are out there–know what to look for! Animal sign is so much more than just tracks, and learning to read animal sign to detect animal presence has its own rewards. Weber’s Been There, Done That is a good introduction for youngsters on how to be a nature detective and the joys of discovery and figuring things out, laying a good foundation for nature observation in general.

Librarian Review

As a librarian, I review books based on how they work when read aloud to a classroom. I read this to Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade. Letting the students try to guess what animal left each sign the story described kept even my difficult kids excited and engaged.

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