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My Favorite Bear

This reassuring, easy-to-read bedtime story for toddlers sweetly introduces the eight species of bears around the world as a mother bear soothes her cub to sleep. Richly textured and realistic illustrations wrap readers in the warmth of this loving story. Additional facts at the end of the book for young naturalists to grow with make this the perfect book for parents and little cubs to share.

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Andrea Gabriel


School Library Journal

A mother bear tells her cub about all the kinds of bears there are in the world as she cuddles her baby to sleep. Large, naturalistic pictures done in soft-focus pastel depict a variety of bears eating, exploring, and lying around. Most of the illustrations are given lush two-page spreads that highlight the creatures’ personalities and habitats. The brief text rhymes, though it doesn’t always flow smoothly. Still, parents will enjoy curling up with their own children and teddy bears, and exploring the story together, which concludes with the cub fast asleep and well loved. A page at the back of the book gives some brief information about the different species featured in the story.


This begins with a mother bear tucking her cub in for the night as she sings a lullaby about bear life. Her song (“Some bears eat fish./ Some like bamboo./ Some bears hunt by the light of the moon.”) gives basic facts about bears, but it’s Gabriel’s realistic artwork that brings these facts to life. She shows brown bears catching fish out of the river, giant pandas feasting in a bamboo forest, and a polar bear walking across the frozen landscape. In the end, mother bear’s favorite bear is, of course, her own “sleepy cub.” A page of bear facts rounds things out. A taste of natural history for very young children to ponder.

National Wildlife Federation’s Kidzone

My Favorite Bear is a great exploration of bear diversity. Mom bear sends her cub to sleep with descriptions of what other bears do in their habitats. The narrative is simple, yet it covers a whole world of bears. For the child who wants to know more, there is a page of bear facts at the end.

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