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The Zoopendous Surprise

Based on real events, this enchanting tale tells the story of two elephants who live at the Little Rock Zoo in Arkansas. Ellen is an elephant who has lived almost her whole life in the zoo while her roommate, Mary, used to work for the circus. Little do these two know that their zookeeper has planned a surprise for them and has let all of the other zoo animals in on it.

Pleasant St. Press

Boots Hensel


Great book!

This is an adorable book based on two elephants in the Little Rock Zoo. The illustrations are beautiful and my kids really enjoy this book. My daughter took this book to school for show and tell when they were discussing the letter “E.” It was perfect. A very cute story!

You’ll want to read more than once!

This sweet story is one that all three of my children have enjoyed reading and re-reading over the years – it’s been a favorite for night time stories. The illustrations are fun and colorful, and the story is truly exciting! Especially great to read in anticipation of or just after a zoo visit with elephants!

Don’t Pass Up This Surprise!

A wonderfully heartfelt written story that captures the essence of the inspiration we find in the animal kingdom, and of those who dedicate their heart and souls to taking care of the animals who occupy it! This book is a true demonstration of love, and rememberance, and is beautifully illustrated as well! A book to be enjoyed, and cherished for all ages!

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