Yesterday, between the Christmas parcels, bills, and catalogs, I was surprised to find an envelope for me, forwarded from Richard over at Dawn Publications. What a great treat to find that He’s Your Daddy had won a silver medal from the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards.

About the Moonbeam Awards

The awards were created in 2006 by publishing services company Jenkins Group and with the intention of opening up awards in children’s publishing to all types of publishers and genres. By creating awards for many categories not always recognized by the existing awards (ahem…nonfiction picture books) the award has helped to bring awareness to many books that would not always be recognized in more general categories.

I’ve always known that the Caldecott was not in the offerings for the quiet, science-based books I often illustrate (and occasionally write) so it’s really nice to have the opportunity to be recognized.

Where to Purchase He’s Your Daddy

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