Character Sketches for the Cuttlefish

by | May 3, 2024 | The Cuttlefish

I keep character sketches on hand to remind me of their personalities. Curious if you all do the same when writing? Mood board? Pinterest? Would love to see! Share in the comments.
Comicbook illustration of female alchemist

Emélee Alibar

A reserved alchemist forced to play the hero.

Comicbook illustration of female alchemist

Percivaal Huxtey

The hero, in need of rescue.

Comicbook style illustration of woman holding a sword

Za'ala Daalin

A ship’s captain without a ship.

comic book illustration of dark brooding man

Tollum Barre

A machiavellian schemer.

comicbook illustration of woman looking to the sky


The Circle of Four

comic book style illustration of laughing man with kelp for hair and beard


The Circle of Four

comic book style illustration of red headed witch casting a spell


The Circle of Four

man with eagle's beak instead of a nose


The Circle of Four

comic book style illustration of starling perched near a teacup


A talking starling

I keep images of my characters close at hand while I’m writing; something about their images reminds me of their personalities.

I’m curious. Do any of you other writers out there do the same? Pinterest? Please share if so!


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