First Step: Sketch

I wanted this snowy owl painting to be cold and wintery, with a grey sky and stark contrast against the dark sky, white owl, and the light and dark tree.

sketch for snowy owl painting

Every so often, we get a large winter influx of snowy owls. I’m told, by those in the know, that their arrival has something to do with the population of lemmings in the Arctic. Anyhow, I’ve trundled up to Boundary Bay in B.C. to try and get good reference photos, but my photography skills are definitely lacking. I often get expressive photos, but blurry ones, which works well enough if I’m making up a lot of the details as I go.

Here is a video shared by  Grandidealist of the snowy owls at Boundary Bay.

As you can see, I’ve reason to associate snowies with gray cold weather and dark skies!

Snowy Owl Painting Step-by-Step

snowy owl painting in early stages
snowy owl painting nearly halfway completed
snowy owl watercolor painting

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