Where Do I Sleep? Re-Release in Two New Editions!

by | Mar 2, 2024 | Where Do I Sleep?

I am excited to share that Where Do I Sleep is making a comeback, thanks to Sasquatch Books (Penguin Random House.) On March 5th, this sweet bedtime book will be available in a fresh hardback edition, as well as a shortened board book version for the very young.

When Jennifer Blomgren and I were working on this book (TWENTY-FOUR YEARS AGO!) I never imagined its success or the possibility of its re-release for a new generation. The first children to own this book will now be buying copies for their own children, and I am befuddled as to how this could be happening.

Thinking back to the year I created the illustrations for Where Do I Sleep?, internet was dial-up modem only. Social media was not a thing. We were thrilled to have survived Y2K, and Napster was booming. In order to research the animals for this book, I was obliged to prowl the used bookstores, check out every book in the Bellingham Public Library for each of the animals concerned, and keep extensive files of articles from Nature or Nat Geo.

SO MUCH has changed.

Young child sleeping with stuffed animals in a bunk bed

The child who modeled for me is now a full grown man fishing salmon in Alaska!

I’d heard rumors that folks have recorded themselves reading the book out loud on YouTube, so decided to take a look. Wow! I’m including my favorite below.

Thank you all so very much for your love for this little book!

Ms. Carol reads Where Do I Sleep?

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  1. Virginia

    Love this video, and your magnificent book! So glad a new generation of kiddos will get to have it read to them! <3


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