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Daytime Nighttime, All Through the Year

Animals are so busy! In daytime eagles dive for fish, lizards gobble insects, and tortoises dine on cactus flowers. When night falls, bats catch moths, crickets sing, and cougars prowl. Engaging rhymes describe the action through the cycle of every day and night, as well as through each month of the year. An “Explore More” section provides teachers and parents with lots of ideas to expand on the seasonal and nocturnal themes.


Diane Lang


Good for ages 5+; beautifully illustrated and great teaching tool

This is a beautifully illustrated book with animas in habitats that look realistic. We used this with the Torchlight Pre-K curriculum, and since it’s only used for week one, it is not necessary, (and I would recommend not buying if you are on a budget) but I see us pulling this out more again in the future.

I enjoy that it teaches what certain animals are doing during certain months and times of day (there are two animals per month of the year with one that is active during the day and one at night).

5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful beginning to end!

Daytime Nighttime, All Through the Year by Diane Lang (Author), Andrea Gabriel (Illustrator) is such a delightful book!

This is a perfect book for kids that are younger on up to older kids. It is in verse form and has gorgeous pictures to go with each page, both day and night for the month it is describing. Lots of cute animals grace the pages and they made me smile, I am sure they will do the same for kids. Bright colors along with lyrical poems takes the reader and listener to new places. A fun book, kids will love!

On the surface it is a fun rhyming story

I read this to my six year old and am excited to read it to my elementary students! On the surface it is a fun rhyming story. But as you re-read it multiple times, it elicits so much conversation! It covers cool animals (eagles, bats, cougars etc), prey vs predator, months/seasons of the year nocturnal and diurnal and a ton more topics. One of my favorite things about all books by Dawn Publications are the real facts at the end. While my 6 year old loved the story/rhyme, my ten year old listened and then read the facts in the back. It is nice when a book happily covers multiple ages. Both kids love the illustrations. They have tremendous detail and are fun to study to look for hidden creatures and details. “Daytime Nighttime” is a great read 🙂

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