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Wandering Woolly

Little Woolly leaves her mother behind as she chases a toad down to the river. When the glacial ice breaks, she is swept away in the rumbling, rolling water. Now alone, the mammoth calf struggles to survive. She must sneak past cave lions, bears, saber-toothed cats and humans. Exhausted and afraid, she must even hide from stormy weather as she fights her way back to her herd. How can she find them? Will she ever get back?
childrens literary classics seal of approval


Andrea Gabriel


Midwest Book Review

Gabriel has skillfully blended fact and fiction in this book which young boys and girls are sure to connect with on many levels. This book is highly recommended for home and school libraries and for classroom reading. – Literary Classics

This book would fit well into geography lessons, science lessons, and history lessons. – Children’s Literature

Wandering Wooly is a fascinating fictional account of a woolly mammoth’s experience in Ice Age North America over 13,000 year ago. Written simply, enriched with stunning imaginative artistic scenes, this beautiful book will appeal to young readers ages 4-8.

I love this book

I love this book! A woolly mammoth takes an unexpected journey away from it’s mother and sees other ice age animals along the way. The illustrations are fun and interesting allowing the young reader to imagine what the ice age might have looked like.
At the end of the book are fun facts and activities to learn more about the ice age and its inhabitants. I highly recommend this book!

Ice age adventure with a Baby Woolly.

Learn all about the Woolly Mammoth in this picture book that follows the ice-age adventures of a baby woolly. Survival in a hostile environment is a central concern especially when the baby is separated from her mother. Large, full page illustrations and a simple narrative make this a book that young readers can manage and after reading this picture book they can move on to more detailed material about creatures from this time period.

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