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Little Gray’s Great Migration

Little Gray loved his lagoon and the humans who came to visit him there. One day, Mama announces that they must swim north to a far-away sea. At first he is sad to leave his home, but Little Gray soon realizes the importance of their journey. What happens along the way and how does Little Gray help his mother? Swim along with Little Gray as he finds the way to this special, food-filled sea.


Marta Lindsey


Kirkus Reviews

Lindsey weaves whale facts into the journey, describing the sounds they use to communicate and various food sources.

Excellent book!

Excellent book! My 4-yr-old was enthralled! This extremely well-written and beautifully illustrated story entertained and educated us both!! I highly recommend this wonderful children’s book 🙂

Five Stars

Awesome book. A wonderful insight of a baby whales view on a gray whale migration.

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