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Where Do I Sleep?

This beautifully illustrated lullaby book features shimmering salmon fry, a long-legged baby moose, feathery eaglets, and fifteen other Northwest animals bedding down for the night (or day!). Rhythmic and soothing four-line stanzas describe the animals’ habitat and sleeping patterns. Children will love learning about the familiar creatures in this special book, destined to become a regional classic.
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Sasquatch Books

Jennifer Blomgren


Publisher’s Weekly

First-timers Blomgren and Gabriel team up for a tranquil bedtime poem that highlights animals of the Pacific Northwest. A series of pliant stanzas examines the sleeping habits of a dozen and a half different creatures, from sea otters and bald eagles to moose, gray whales and even anemone (“Where do I sleep? In a soft, grass-lined nest,/ Where tender spring boughs hide the place that I rest,” says the Hermit Thrush”). The book ends with a child at bedtime (“Where do I sleep? In a bunk bed down low”), whose toy versions of the animals mentioned populate his top bunk. Buoyed by the repetitive refrain of “Where do I sleep?” and lovely imagery (a Gray Wolf pup sleeps on “a pillow of grass”; a Water Dipper sleeps where the rocks are “worn smooth as an old satin slipper”), Blomgren’s verses go down smoothly, while oversize pages offer an expansive canvas for Gabriel’s accomplished pastels. Hewing to a nature-inspired palette of soft greens, browns and blues, she employs deft line strokes and shading to suggest fur, feathers, fins and blades of grass. The selection of animals may be of particular regional interest, but this appealing collaboration deserves a wide audience. Ages 2-6.

School Library Journal

On page after page, a variety of creatures asks the question posed in the title. The answers follow with a description of cliff sides, dens, grass-lined nests, streams, and mountainsides. The illustrations in soft pastels are the perfect accompaniment for this gentle text about the animals of the Pacific Northwest. Each illustration fills the entire page or spread and depicts a watchful, protective adult and offspring in a sleepy pose. The soft greens, gentle blues, and cozy browns will make children want to reach out and “pet” the book. The simple text is reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown’s early work or the soothing, restful words of Reeve Lindbergh’s Midnight Farm (Puffin, 1995). This book could be used in a bedtime storytime, for any quiet time, or for a patterned writing exercise. Young readers and reading buddies will want to return to it again and again. Adults will welcome a book designed to produce calm.

Seattle’s Child

Local author Jennifer Blomgren and illustrator Andrea Gabriel set the perfect bedtime tone for your wild ones with Where Do I Sleep? A Pacific Northwest Lullaby. Beautiful illustrations and a melodic lullaby follow Pacific Northwest critters as they prepare for bed each night.

Where Do I Sleep? Re-Release in Two New Editions!

I am excited to share that Where Do I Sleep is making a comeback, thanks to Sasquatch Books (Penguin Random House.) On March 5th, this sweet bedtime book will be available in a fresh hardback edition, as well as a shortened board book version for the very young. When...

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